Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Light Blogging ahead, and a few stray thoughts.

Many who read this blog no doubt already know, but I will be somewhat indisposed for the next few weeks and so blogging shall be light.  I have an engagement, or more precisely, the consummation of an engagement, to attend west of the Blue Ridge.  It will be followed by a not unrelated vacation across the Atlantic.  Through some strange coincidence, my interlocutor RMB will be similarly indisposed for an identical period of time.

I hope to make a couple more posts on before I'm off, but I did not want so important an event in my life to be passed over entirely, if I may quote myself and speak for another (with her approval):

People will often say that two people were made for each other, or that their relationship was 'meant to be.'  My partner and I don't think that about our relationship or each other.  She and I don't think that God created us specially for one another, or that destiny conspired to bring us together, or that there is only one person in the world that we could be happy with and we were just lucky to find them.  At most we are rather suited to each other in values, temperament and interests.

Nor do we think that love is an uncontrollable passion that we are at the mercy of and utterly dependent upon.  "Being in Love" is not a mysterious state imposed upon us by an outside force that our relationship depends upon.

We do believe that love is a way that we view one another, treat one another and feel towards each other.  The philosopher once said that virtue is a habit.  We think that love, like virtue, is a habit, a habit of orienting our lives toward one another.  Our relationship is a collection of habits -- consideration for each other in our actions, affectionate regard for another in our thoughts, respect for one another in all things. I cannot, and will not ask for more.

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