Monday, April 23, 2012

For the Record, My Game of Thrones Reactions

Because everyone else is doing it, here are my Game of Thrones reactions.  Needless to say, spoilers.

  1. The scene with Joffre and the two whores was the definition of gratuitous.  We know he's not just a prick, but truly evil.  We don't need this much exploitation and abuse to tell us what we already know.
  2. Robb Stark continues to be believable as a ruler about half the time.  The other half of the time, he's justifying his royal actions to some battlefield nurse whose name he doesn't know.  Yes, he's young, but he's been raised from birth to rule the entire North of Westeros.  He's not going to try justifying himself to some random saw-bones, even if she is cute.  It would be better to show his lack of confidence/experience as he deals with his subject nobles, his allies and his mother, people that are on the same level as he is.
  3. In contrast, Tyrion and Tywin continue to be the only nobles in the show that consistently act like nobility.  They really have the sense of entitlement, the haughtiness and the touch (or more than a touch, in Tywin's case) of unapproachability that belongs to people who are raised from birth to rule everyone else.  No wonder they are two of the characters that are most fun to watch; they really seem like they come from a different world; the Stark kids could have been plucked out of suburban America by comparison.  I'm not asking that every noble in the show be as good in their noble roles as Tywin and Tyrion, but they should at least project the confidence (Renly and Stannis are also decent in this regard).
  4. What in the hell is Margery wearing?

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